Concept 2015...

Artistic concept for Aabenraa Artweek 2015

by Markus Johannes Herschbach

During Aabenraa Artweek 2015, contemporary art will transform the public SPACES into PLACES for transformation, participation, and experience through artistic processing.

Within Aabenraa Artweek, the dialogue of art with its surroundings is a significant aspect of art in the public space.
The main idea of Aabenraa Artweek 2015 is for this dialogue to take shape through interactivity, aesthetic interventions, performance, and happenings.

Every Artweek year, the place is thought about and approached in new ways. In 2015, the meeting of the audience with art, the artists, and the artistic creation will take place in selected town spaces in Aabenraa and Flensburg.
For the participating artists, these town spaces will turn into spaces for artistic creativity, while for the audience, these SPACES will develop into PLACES. PLACES where you stop and dwell and meet international artists in the process of creating, and PLACES where communication and participation is developed.
Selected artists are going to conceive and transform their ideas and concepts into temporary as well as permanent pieces of art in the town space.

In 2015, the artistic concepts will unfold in relation to the towns of Aabenraa and Flensburg and thus (through their visualisations of the relations) rethink and transform the town spaces.
This way, the participating artists will be challenged by the ambiguity of the term “public” when entering into a dialogical process of creation together with the audience in the public spaces in this cross-border trinity of towns.

As the town space to the ”town-dweller” is endowed with a certain abstract and indefinable element and the artistically processed place becomes a conglomerate of artistic objects, the space offers itself as a portal to a new realization.
The town is rethought and put into motion.

To a wide segment of the population, one benefit will be the participation in an artistic dialogue. To others, the result may be a changed and intensified perception of the town SPACE where they live and possible even the discovery of new places in their own town.

In this way, ART and the SOCIAL interaction has the opportunity of entering into a socio-political connection, as all social levels are offered tangible new perspectives as well as new experiences with and insights into “their own town spaces”.

The idea of cross-border, Danish-German collaboration supports the dialogical principle of Aabenraa Artweek being a cross-cultural symposium.

Therefore, Aabenraa Artweek asserts itself as an appealing PLACE for encounters between high calibre art and artists, thus becoming an important, cultural political component of Aabenraa Kommune as well as a contribution to the diversity in a (our) European border country.

Aabenraa, 24. 08. 2014

Markus Johannes Herschbach